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Free Burma Now- Propaganda Sunday (but its Wednesday, I know)

You can probably see that the artist is Shepard Fairey of the Obama “HOPE” poster fame. It refers to the struggle against a military regime for the freedom for political change and freedom from imprisonment of many of the would-be elected political leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi (a Nobel Peace laureate). Though multiparty elections were held in 1990, the military regime ignored how Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, won with an overwhelming majority. The military has been in control since 1962.

I suppose this is the ‘good propaganda’ poster… if one can call it that. Fairey’s work is always beautiful and politically and socially charged and has entered into the canon  of pop culture and internet memes.


Random searching for refurbished -boreds…

OH HAI. This blog is about Pakistani politics and what ever social creepiness I like to talk about… like desi comic books and shady punjabi movies. I like how my those who view my blog have brilliant expectations from me. Here are the best search terms. Ever. And other interesting stuff they are linked to…

getting to grips with a new rabbit 

allah is preparing us for victory (I doubt I would ever come up with such exuberant prose)

gramsi mela (Communist Party?)

luckyiranicircus mela pictures … okay so I tried to search for Lucky Irani Circus pictures. And there aren’t many! The ones I have found can be seen at http://www.lightstalkers.org/galleries/slideshow/19694. Here is a really great one by Nariman Ansari

Backstage at the Lucky Irani Circus- Nariman Ansari

karl marx sucks, capitalism sucks, capitalist vampire (personally I think none of them suck.)

rabbit laptop (penguin rabbit same difference)

fish guts, tiger cake (YUMMMM)

blognya mustofa rpe (im sure this means something in some language and doesn’t mean Mustafa’s Boloney Pie)

being alert.. sorry wrong blog. I am the laziest blogger to ever live inside the nose of the internet.

“al-khalid“.. Ohhh yesssss. The name meas ‘the immortal’, this battle tank was developed in the 1990s in China and has been in service with the Pakistan Army since 2001. Primary Armament-125 mm smoothbore gun, 39 rds, Secondary Armament-7.62 mm coaxial MG, 3000 rds and 12.7 mm external AA MG, 500 rds.

Хеталия история России (ohh international searchesss:)

“rupa & co”… aahaha. I know this is about the indian publishing house but Rupa buynans are the shizzle. Check out Anwar Masoods hilarious poem about the issue here

saadia ghazi florida (I MUST KNOW WHO SHE IS. NOW.)

jan rambo’s home in sadiqabad near kuri road qabarstan (stalkers gonna stalk)

Propaganda Sunday

Long being in love with the artwork of vintage propaganda posters, I wrote and article on them for the Friday Times. But here’s an interesting one from America.

US WW2 Poster
Artist: Glenn Grothe
Year: 1942
The poster was a part of the “Loose lips may sink ships” campaign, reflecting the paranoia of the Americans that German spies could be among them. People were encouraged to not talk to strangers, and keep to themselves in crowds. The person watching in the picture wears a German soldier’s helmet. German spies were put ashore along parts of Florida’s east coast and northern states coastlines to infiltrate US businesses and military. There are numerous papers on the sighting of German U-boats just off US coastlines from Florida to Maine during WW2. US Merchant Marines engaged a number of these subs just off American shores even sinking some.