This is a bored penguin on a laptop.

Also, I get very bored, every Friday, sometime between 5 and 6 pm.

I live in Lahore, I work at a newspaper and I draw political cartoons. I used to corrupt my students minds with free markets. If you like what you read please do comment.

Or you could just stare at this disgruntled penguin here.


11 thoughts on “DashBORED”

  1. Amazing pieces Mam!
    I write for Express Tribune, and i’m a student of your’s too
    Inspired by your write-ups
    I write blogs mainly orbiting current affairs and politics.
    I really want to shift this epicenter to Pakistan Economy, your blogs were really helpful , I will be writing for Tribune this weekend over the issue of the stagnating Industries and transfer of Textile Mills to Bangladesh.
    I’ll link you the draft , a proofread will suffice, i’ll welcome some additional details too.

    Your’s obedient,
    M. Muzaffar Abbas
    Allah Hafiz

  2. I’m your ex-student and I really enjoyed your course, and your articles are good too. Hope to see more of them. Thanks

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Cartoonist, Writer, and everything thing else. And a penguin.

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