Aaloo-eating Zionists

So I have started writing for the blog Pak Tea House and a few days ago I wrote form them about the new music video Aaloo Anday which has gone viral deu to it being an apt commentary of the Pakistani situation, also the lyrics are extremely witty even if the video and  melody is not A+

The variety of negative responses has been of a narrow focus including, “Kabhi kisi aur qom ko bhi dekha hau khud par ilzamat lagatay hoy… apnay watan ko bura kehna fashion hai.” Sadly there have also been many anti-Ahmadi comments stemming from a prejudiced conception that dissent/criticism of names like Qadri could only be from Ahamdis. And then we have this gem of a comment, “When you people have been outshined in all debates, you chose to project your nonsense propaganda through disguised videos. But these videos can appeal only to jugglers and BEHROOPIAS belonging to your wayward school of thoughts. Qadri is not a behroopia like you. He is a man of action and he did what he thought he should have done… Behave like men you puppets” (edited for abuse).

The real Ghairat Brigade is still silent on the matter.

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