Kalma Chowk Lahore… before and after

The most recent changes in the Lahori landscape is the demolition of the long standing Kalma Chowk. Twitter and Facebook statuses across Lahori accounts are either upset over the attack on the naval base in Karachi, or the flyover being built on Ferozpur Road.
I write this post in a fit of nostalgia for the time when this gigantic structure loomed over me on sweltering summer days. The chowk has an eclectic mix of beggers, balloon sellers, trannies and khusras who would tap on car windows hoping for a ten rupee note before the light changed.

Kalma Chowk glory days- Photo by Maleeha Azeem http://www.flickr.com/photos/bluecheese/188874366/
Personally, the monument was a bit of an eye-sore. It seemed like something out of the mind of an ambitious general in the1980s. Nonetheless it is a beloved sight for many who are sad to see it go.

The traffic at the giant crossroads had always been a mess but the last few months have been a nightmare for people commuting through the area. App ke kia tasuraat hain? Humain likhna na bhooliyay ga. Here are some pictures of the carnage (thanks to Saad Sarfraz and Arooj Zahid).

picture by Saad Sarfraz Sheikh


5 thoughts on “Kalma Chowk Lahore… before and after”

  1. I don’t know why everybody is writing against the construction of the flyovers being built at the Kalma Chowk cause i strongly believe that it will yield greater benefits in future and would save a lot of time, please write something in this regard too.

    1. Thanks for commenting Usman. I totally agree with you, but people are resistant to change.
      Kalma Chowk is nothing special, that it should be ‘saved’. the only logical aspect of not wanting the flyover is that maybe the money could have been used to do something else. Iss topic peh against hona shayaed jaiz hai.

  2. Its No Problem, Its just that I like to read articles that are relating different issues of Pakistan.
    Anyway if the money was to be spent on other good things, then am pretty sure that only 20% of the money would have been spent on other projects due to corruption, plus Mr. Shahbaz Sharif takes keen interest in developing roads and demolishing builidings, so there are less chances that corruption could be involved in this project. Anyhow check out this link, some strange facts regarding canal road

  3. its sad to see an old building go. I hope the flyover is a really good and benefits everyone. They are making it quite fast.

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