Propaganda Sunday

Instead of preparing for a class on Monday, I am back to my prior obsession of staring at moldy yellow posters…

Oh yes, China is verily a paradise. I totally buy it (no sarcasm intended). I am dying to visit Beijing and see for myself why it’s becoming the new centre of the world.

Li Zhenhua, 1973- The brigade’s ducks

This is an example of a painting by a peasant from the rural Huxian district. The Huxian peasant painters are propagated in China as examples of the innate genius of the people. But in reality it is alleged that these amateur artists were helped by professionals  sent to the countryside to “learn from the peasants”, which is why this comes under the classification of “propaganda.”

Here’s another one of a family “enjoying” political slogans and speeches on the village PA system. Notice the shrine to Mao.

Huang Entao (still draws posters and comics), 1972


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